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Strong#:1494 // eidwloyuton eidolothuton
Orig:adj // neuter of a compound of \\1497\\ and a presumed derivative of \\2380\\
NASB:==>sacrificed to an idol(1), sacrificed to idols(1), thing sacrificed(1), thing sacrificed to idols(1), things sacrificed(6), things sacrificed to idols(6).
AV=10==>things offered unto idols 4, things offered in sacrifice to idols 3, things sacrificed unto idols 2, meats offered to idols 1
 1) sacrificed to idols, the flesh left over from the heathen sacrifices
    1a) it was either eaten at the feasts or sold (by the poor and the
        miserly) in the market
    NASB:  sacrificed to idols:

Total: 10
makanan yang dipersembahkan kepada berhala3···
Makanan .... dipersembahkan kepada berhala1·
daging-daging yang dipersembahkan pada berhala1·
daging-daging yang dipersembahkan kepada berhala1·
daging-daging yang dipersembahkan kepada berhala-berhala1·
apa telah dipersembahkan kepada berhala1·
daging yang sudah dipersembahkan kepada berhala-berhala1·
makanan yang telah dipersembahkan kepada berhala1·
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