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Strong#:3609 // oikeiov oikeios
Orig:adj // from \\3624\\
NASB:==>appreciate(1), aware(3), become learned(1), conscious*(1), having a knowledge(1), knew(16), knew...about(1), know(216), know about(1), know how(9), knowing(36), known(4), known about(1), knows(15), knows how(1), realize(1), realizing(2), recognize(3), una
AV=3==>of the household 2, of (one's) own house 1
 1) belonging to a house or family, domestic, intimate
    1a) belonging to one's household, related by blood, kindred
    1b) belonging to the household of God
    1c) belonging, devoted to, adherents of a thing
    NASB:  to have seen or perceived, hence to know:

Total: 3
keluarga dekatnya1·
anggota-anggota keluarga1·
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