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Strong#:4152 // pneumatikov pneumatikos
Orig:adj // from \\4151\\
NASB:==>spiritual(23), spiritual men(1), spiritual things(2).
AV=26==>spiritual 26
 1) relating to the human spirit, or rational soul, as part of the man
    which is akin to God and serves as his instrument or organ
    1a) that which possesses the nature of the rational soul
 2) belonging to a spirit, or a being higher than man but inferior to God
 3) belonging to the Divine Spirit
    3a) of God the Holy Spirit
    3b) one who is filled with and governed by the Spirit of God
 4) pertaining to the wind or breath; windy, exposed to the wind, blowing
    NASB:  spiritual:

Total: 26
rohani22·········· ·········· ··
bersifat rohani1·
karunia-karunia rohani1·
kekuatan roh1·
karunia-karunia rohani1·
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