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Strong#:4245 // presbuterov presbuteros
Orig:adj // comparative of presbus (elderly)
NASB:==>elder(3), elders(57), men of old(1), old men(1), older(1), older man(1), older ones(1), older women(1), women(1).
AV=67==>elder 64, old man 1, eldest 1, elder woman 1
 1) elder, of age,
    1a) the elder of two people
    1b) advanced in life, an elder, a senior
        1b1) forefathers
 2) a term of rank or office
    2a) among the Jews
        2a1) members of the great council or Sanhedrin (because in
             early times the rulers of the people, judges, etc., were
             selected from elderly men)
        2a2) of those who in separate cities managed public affairs and
             administered justice
    2b) among the Christians, those who presided over the assemblies
        (or churches) The NT uses the term bishop, elders, and
        presbyters interchangeably
    2c) the twenty four members of the heavenly Sanhedrin or court
        seated on thrones around the throne of God
    NASB:  elder:

Total: 66
tua-tua40·········· ·········· ·········· ··········
nenek moyang3···
para penatua2··
lebih tua1·
orang-orang tua1·
yang lebih tua1·
laki-laki yang lebih tua1·
orang-orang pada zaman dahulu1·
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