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Strong#:735 // Artemiv Artemis
Orig:n pr f // probably from the same as \\736\\
AV=5==>Diana 5
 Diana = "complete light: flow restrained"

 1) Artemis, that is to say the so called Tauric or Persian or
    Ephesian Artemis, the goddess of many Asiatic people, to be
    distinguished from the Artemis of the Greeks, the sister of
    Apollo. A very splendid temple was built to her at Ephesus, which
    was set on fire by Herostratus and reduced to ashes; but
    afterwards in the times of Alexander the Great, it was rebuilt in
    a style of greater magnificence.
    NASB:  Artemis, the name of the Gr. goddess of the hunt:

Total: 5
Dewi Artemis2··
Artemis dewi2··
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