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Strong#:1061 // rwkb bikkuwr
Orig:n m pl // from \\01069\\
NASB:==>early ripened things(2), first fruits(12), first ripe(1), first ripe fruits(1), ripe fruit(1).
AV=18==>firstfruit 14, firstripe 2, firstripe figs 1,hasty fruit 1
 1) first-fruits
    1a) the first of the crops and fruit that ripened, was gathered,
        and offered to God according to the ritual of Pentecost
    1b) the bread made of the new grain offered at Pentecost
    1c) the day of the first-fruits (Pentecost)
    NASB:  first fruits

Total: 18
hasil pertama6······
panen pertamamu2··
hasil panen pertama2··
panen pertama1·
hasil pertamamu1·
Hasil pertama1·
hasil yang pertama1·
buah ara pertama1·
buah-buahan hasil pertama1·
pertama dari hasil ladangmu1·
buah ara yang masak1·
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