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Strong#:3129 // Ntnwy Yownathan
Orig:n pr m // a form of \\03083\\
AV=42==>Jonathan 42
 Jonathan or Jehonathan = "Jehovah has given"

 1) a son of king Saul and a friend of David
 2) a son of the high priest Abiathar and the last descendant of Eli
    of whom we hear
 3) one of David's mighty warriors
 4) a Levite and father of Zechariah, a priest who blew the trumpet at
    the dedication of the wall
 5) a son of Kareah and a brother of Johanan; a Judaite captain after
    the fall of Jerusalem
 6) another Judaite
 7) father of Ebed in the time of Ezra
 8) son of Asahel in the time of Ezra
 9) a priest of the family of Melicu in the time of Nehemiah
 10) son of Joiada and his successor to the high priesthood in the
     time of Nehemiah
    NASB:  XXX

Total: 44
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