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Strong#:3395 // Mxry Y@rocham
Orig:n pr m // from \\07355\\
AV=10==>Jeroham 10
 Jeroham = "showing pity"

 1) father of Elkanah and grandfather of Samuel of the house of Kohath
 2) a Benjamite and the founder of a family of Benjamites
 3) father or progenitor of Ibneiah and a Benjamite; maybe same as 2
 4) a descendant of Aaron and a priest of the family of Immer; son of
    Pashur and father of Adaiah
 5) another priest; maybe same as 4
 6) a resident of Gedor and father of one of David's mighty warriors
 7) a Danite whose son or descendant Azareel was head of the tribe in
    the time of David
 8) father of Azariah one of the captains with Jehoiada in the time of
    NASB:  may He be compassionate, the name of several Isr.

Total: 10
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