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Strong#:3547 // Nhk kahan
Orig:v // a primitive root, apparently meaning to mediate in religious services
NASB:==>carry on their priesthood(1), decks(1), minister as a priest(1), minister as priest(3), minister as priests(6), ministered as priest(1), priest(1), serve as a priest(1), serve as priest(1), serve as priests(2), serve me as priests(1), served as the priest
AV=23==>priest's office 20, decketh 1, office of a priest 1, priest 1
 1) to act as a priest, minister in a priest's office
    1a) (Piel)
        1a1) to minister as a priest, serve as a priest
        1a2) to be or become a priest
        1a3) to play the priest
    NASB:  to act as a priest

Total: 23
melayani sebagai imam6······
dapat melayani-Ku sebagai imam6······
menjadi imam2··
dapat melayani sebagai imam2··
sebagai imam1·
bertugas sebagai imam1·
melayani-Ku sebagai imam1·
memegang jabatan imam1·
menjalankan tugas sebagai imam1·
melayani-Ku seperti seorang imam1·
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