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Strong#:3588 // yk kiy
Orig:conj // a primitive particle
NASB:==>also(1), although(11), although*(1), because(409), because*(18), case(2), certainly(1), either(1), even(3), even though(3), event*(1), except(1), except*(21), how(12), however*(1), if(169), if*(2), inasmuch*(6), indeed(61), indeed*(1), last*(1), more of h
AV=46==>that, because, for, if, surely, except, yea, doubtless
 1) that, for, because, when, as though, as, because that, but, then,
    certainly, except, surely, since
    1a) that
        1a1) yea, indeed
    1b) when (of time)
        1b1) when, if, though (with a concessive force)
     1c) because, since (causal connection)
     1d) but (after negative)
     1e) that if, for if, indeed if, for though, but if
     1f) but rather, but
     1g) except that
     1h) only, nevertheless
     1i) surely
     1j) that is
     1k) but if
     1l) for though
     1m) forasmuch as, for therefore
    NASB:  that, for, when

Total: 4479