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Strong#:5813 // yze `Uzziy
Orig:n pr m // from \\05810\\
AV=11==>Uzzi 11
 Uzzi = "strong"

 1) a Levite, son of Bukki and father of Zerahiah in the line of the
    high priest although apparently never high priest himself
 2) son of Tola and grandson of Issachar
 3) a Benjamite, son of Bela and head of a family of Benjamin
 4) son of Michri and father of Elah and an ancestor of a family of
    returned exiles settling in Jerusalem. Maybe same as 3
 5) a Levite, son of Bani, and an overseer of the Levites in Jerusalem
    in the time of Nehemiah
 6) a priest, chief of the father's house of Jedaiah, in the time of
    Joiakim the high priest
 7) one of the priests who helped Ezra in the dedication of the wall
    of Jerusalem. Maybe same as 6
    NASB:  forceful, the name of several Isr.

Total: 11
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