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Strong#:6271 // hylte `Athalyah or whylte `Athalyahuw
Orig: // from the same as \\06270\\ and \\03050\\
NASB:==>Athaliah(17), Athlai(1).
AV=17==>Athaliah 17
 Athaliah = "afflicted of the Lord"

 n pr m
 1) son of Jeroham of the tribe of Benjamin
 2) father of Jeshaiah of the sons of Elam who was one of the heads of
    a family who returned with Ezra from exile

 n pr f
 3) the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel and the wife of king Jehoram of
    Judah; killer of all the members of the royal family of Judah with
    the exception of one baby named Joash who was hidden by the high
    priest Jehoiada until 6 years had passed and Jehoiada led the
    revolution to put him on the throne, overthrowing Athaliah and
    putting her to death
    NASB:  daughter of Ahab, also three Isr.

Total: 17
Atalya17·········· ·······
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