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Strong#:7715 // Krdv Shadrak (Aramaic)
Orig:n pr m // the same as \\07714\\
AV=14==>Shadrach 14
 Shadrach = "royal" or "the great scribe"

 1) the godly friend of Daniel whom Nebuchadnezzar renamed Shadrach;
    one of the three friends who with Daniel refused to make themselves
    unclean by eating food from the king's table which went against the
    dietary laws which God had given the Jews; also one of the three who
    were thrown into the fiery furnace for refusing to bow down to a
    graven image of Nebuchadnezzar and who were saved by the angel of
    the Lord
    1a) also, 'Hananiah' (\\02608\\)
    NASB:  Bab. name of one of Daniels companions

Total: 14
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