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Strong#:7935 // hynkv Sh@kanyah or (prol) whynkv Sh@kanyahuw
Orig:n pr m // from \\07931\\ and \\03050\\
AV=10==>Shechaniah 8, Shecaniah 2
 Shecaniah or Shechaniah = "dweller with Jehovah"

 1) a descendant of Zerubbabel whose descendants returned from exile
    with Ezra
 2) son of Jehiel of the sons of Elam and one who had a foreign wife
    in the time of Ezra
 3) father of Shemaiah who repaired part of the wall of Jerusalem in
    the time of Nehemiah
 4) son of Arah, father-in-law of Tobiah who opposed Nehemiah
 5) a priest who returned from exile with Zerubbabel
 6) a priest in the time of king Hezekiah of Judah
    NASB:  Yah has taken up His abode, the name of several Isr.

Total: 10
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