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Strong#:8087 // emv Shema`
Orig: // for the same as \\08088\\
AV=5==>Shema 5
 Shema = "hear"

 n pr m
 1) a Reubenite, son of Joel, father of Azaz, and grandfather of Bela
 2) a Judaite, son of Hebron and father of Raham
 3) a Benjamite, son of Elpaal who along with his brother Beriah were
    heads of their fathers houses in Aijalon and who drove out the
    inhabitants of Gath. Probably the same as 'Shimhi'
 4) an Israelite who stood on the right hand of Ezra as he read the
    Law to the people
    NASB:  a sound

Total: 5
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