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Strong#:8396 // rwbt Tabowr
Orig: // from a root corresponding to \\08406\\
AV=10==>Tabor 10
 Tabor = "mound"

 n pr mont
 1) a mountain in the plain of Esdraelon rising abruptly and insulated
    except for a narrow ridge on the west connecting it to the hills of

 n pr loc
 2) a town around the summit of Mount Tabor (1)
 3) a city of the Merarite Levites located in the territory of Zebulun

 n pr arbour
 4) the place of an oak tree which was on the homeward journey of Saul
    after he had been anointed by Samuel
    NASB:  a mountain S.W. of the Sea of Galilee, also several other places in Isr.

Total: 10
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