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Strong#:8559 // rmt Tamar
Orig: // the same as \\08558\\, Greek \\2283\\ \~yamar\~
AV=24==>Tamar 24
 Tamar = "palm-tree"

 n pr f
 1) widow of Er, the son of Judah; fiancee of Shelah, another son of
    Judah; wife of Judah and mother of Pharez and Zerah
 2) daughter of David by Maacah, sister of Absalom, and rape victim of
    Amnon her half brother, another son of David
 3) daughter of Absalom

 n pr loc
 4) a place on the southern border of Gad
    NASB:  daughter-in-law of Judah, also two Isr. women, also a place S. of the Dead Sea

Total: 24
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