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Strong#:8659 // vyvrt Tarshiysh
Orig:n pr m, n pr loc // probably the same as \\08658\\ (as the region of the stone, or the reverse)
AV=28==>Tarshish 24, Tharshish 4
 Tarshish or Tharshish = "yellow jasper"

 n pr m
 1) son of Javan
 2) a Benjamite, son of Bilhan
 3) one of the wise men close to king Ahasuerus of Persia

 n pr loc
 4) a city of the Phoenicians in a distant part of the Mediterranean
    Sea to which the prophet Jonah was trying to flee
    1a) site unknown but perhaps in Cyprus or Spain
 5) a city somewhere near and accessible to the Red Sea to which ships
    constructed at Ezion-geber on the Elanitic Gulf on the Red Sea were
    to sail
    NASB:  a son of Javan, his desc. and their land, also a port on the Mediterranean, also a Benjamite, also a Pers. noble

Total: 28
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